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Celebrating Vivaha Magazine Subscription

Celebrating Vivaha Magazine Subscription

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Edition: Indian

Language: English

Published / Marketed:

Frequency: Quarterly

Product Description

The Wedding Magazine of the New Millennium, Vivaha is more than a magazine. It’s a guide, a companion. Celebrating Vivaha gives you the how to, where to and what to of weddings. Its global reach gives you a panoramic canvas to choose from. The secret of a great wedding lies within its glossy confines. Planning to the last detail, putting it all together and perfecting the occasion with food, fun, flowers; venue, wardrobe, vacation; make-up, makeovers and magic i what the magazine specializes in. Taking the toil out of the sweetest occasion of your life, it brings together all the elements that go into the making of a perfect wedding. Celebrating Vivaha lends you an understanding of delicate relationships, in-laws, friends, relatives and the warp and wefts of marriage. Gently initiating you into the various nuances, the magazine negotiates the rough and smooth with an exquisite sensitivity. Creating a path from which flows a mellifluous melody of togetherness and lasting happiness.


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